To English Followers: How to join our program “Entering Japanese Market course “


We are proudly to present you a new program “Entering Japanese Market course”!

2020, we will have OLYMPIC GAMES in Tokyo, meaning till then,
Japan will be taken notice by a lot of foreign countries.

It is a big chance for us to face global.

TECH LAB PAAK  thinks it is also a chance for us to welcome foreign startups and accelerate open innovation, by knowing variety of techs that we have never seen before.

Below are the supports that we offer during the 6months program ;

Application requirements

・Teams that all members are foreigners currently (Doesn’t matter whether in Japan or not)
* Able to register 5 members only in maximum for this program
・Have members who could speak Japanese or English (No need for fluency but could at least communicate)
・Could stay in Japan during 6months program  (Not for the whole time but at least over 3months)
・Your projects/products should be “technology based/related”
ex)Using AI / robotics / programming related
・Any phase of startups are allowed to apply


・~Sep 3rd : Deadline for the application
・Sep 6th : Result of the document review will be sent
・Sep 10th, 13th, 14th, 15th : Interview (Online Interview is OK)
・Sep 16th : The final result will be sent
・Oct 12th : Kickoff Party (Must be in Tokyo)

Please see TECH LAB PAAK basic info here,
for the Application Form:

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask ;

Looking forward to your apply! 🙂