To English Followers: Top five reasons of why you should apply for “TECH LAB PAAK”


When you hear “Japan”, what comes up in your mind first?
“Dragon-Ball” “One Piece” “Naruto” “Sony” “Toyota”
Yes, these are famous pronoun of Japan.

Japan is loved by many people in the world.

But unfortunately, there are few that challenges business in Japan from foreign countries,
it  is often said that Japanese market is difficult to enter.
Reasons for this might be language barrier or regulations around.
Actually, these problems still exist.

But now today, you will find a partner who  will help you start business in Japan.

That’s us, “TECH LAB PAAK”

We will give you fully support that we could give to you to start business in Japan,
and will explain to you why you should apply.

-Why you should apply to TECH LAB PAAK-

1.Tokyo is a place that trends are born in Japan and we place there.
2. Not only good for catching trends, but also we place what is called “Bit Valley”,
Japanese “Silicon Valley ” meaning there are lots of startups, VCs, incubators and famous tech companies in Japan.
3.We are offer you everything what we could for free.
(No investments, alliance, equity to ask you)
4.We will give you chances for networking in Japan.
5.We have strong community. Members at TECH LAB PAAK are comrades that more you commit , more you will get ideas and chances to grow.

Please check for basic informations about TECH LAB PAAK here.
For application, please  here.