To English followers: Introduction of TECH LAB PAAK


TECH LAB PAAK is an co-working space that Recruit Holdings runs.

Its not just a co-working space”, that we offer.
We offer the members great community, space, tools and chances
for their growth of their projects.
Our Concept is Make the world better with technologies

And goal for this place is To accelerate open innovations
that we believe this will lead us to our concept world.

Weve opened TECH LAB PAAK in 2015,  so far,
our community has grown to about 800members with 240 projects.

We hope you will be interested to what we are doing and hope you will join us!
Application Form:

Basic info

・Location:  Postalcode 150-0041 6F, 1-20-9, Jinnan- Chou, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo ,Japan
 *Our space will be at 6th and 7th floor
・Open/Close: 9:30-22:00(Weekday) , 13:00-22:00(Weekends, National holidays)
・Facilities: Free wifi, free drinks&snacks, 2 meeting rooms( Need reservation), Mentorship etc…